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Professor Asker Jeukendrup explains what Mysportscience Academy is all about

Professor Asker Jeukendrup explains what Mysportscience Academy is all about

What do our courses offer?

World leading experts as lecturers

All of our courses are delivered by the world's leading experts in sports nutrition. If we want to address a specific topic we approach the leading experts in that area of expertise to share their knowledge and experience.

Scientific and practical

Our courses include a wide range of both scientific and practical information. Some lectures are more technical, others are more practical, but all are trying to bridge the gap between science and practice.

Trusted information

The information in the courses is all scientifically backed, helping you to separate sense from non-sense and bust myths.

Up to date

Our courses are a great way to stay up to date with the latest research in the field of sports nutrition.

Monthly subscriptions

Save money by subscribing monthly rather than paying for each lecture/course separately


  • Access to 5 courses/lectures at any one time 
  • Includes courses that cover the basics of sports nutrition
  • New courses swapped in every few weeks


  • Unlimited access to all courses and lectures
  • Complete lectures and courses at your own pace
  • At least 1 new lecture or course added every month

Explore our brand new courses

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Mexican Sports Nutrition Federation members get 30% discount


CORE Nutrition planning. Premium members of CORE who have an annual plan can get 20% discount. Email info@mysportscience.com to receive a discount code.

From Asker...

We will continue to build the number of lectures and courses. Many of these courses are delivered by the leaders in their field. Scientists that have published hundreds of papers, so you can learn from the best!
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