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What is Mysportscience Academy?

Mysportscience Academy is a sport nutrition online learning platform for anyone interested in developing their sports nutrition knowledge, whether you are a sports nutrition professional or an athlete looking to optimise nutrition to improve performance. Mysportscience Academy provides content from leading experts in the field, allowing you to choose from 70+ lectures and courses covering a wide range of topics to provide the answers you have always wanted to know about sports nutrition. The lectures and courses discuss the current scientific evidence and outline the practical application of this science.


Mysportscience Academy invites world-leading experts to discuss popular topics in sports nutrition. We also have lectures from conferences, such as the WE Nutrition Conference and the TeamNL Leaders in Performance conference. Lecture topics include ‘Carbohydrate recommendations for performance’, ‘Weight management in athletes’, and ‘The vegetarian and vegan athlete’ and more!

Live webinars

Mysportscience Academy also hosts a series of live webinars throughout the year. In Mysportscience Academy webinars, we invite 2-3 expert speakers to discuss a topic in sports science or sports nutrition. Previous topics include ‘Nutrition in football’ and ‘Hot or cold baths for recovery, adaptation, and acclimation?’. With opportunities to ask your questions and discuss the science with experts in the field.

Bonus content

In addition to the lectures, each lecture page has further reading material to enhance your understanding, and a final exam to test your knowledge. You will then receive a certificate upon successful completion of the exam. We are also introducing summary notes to give you a handout for each lecture. In addition, some lectures are available with and without captions, and some have the lecture transcripts. We are working to add all these features to every lecture on the Academy.

Sports Nutrition Certification 

Mysportscience academy is endorsed by several professional organisations and successful completion of the courses (after passing the exam) is awarded with a certificate. 

Subscription options 

You can purchase each lecture or each webinar individually, or you can access through a Mysportscience Academy subscription. There are two subscription options: 1). Basic, or 2). Premium. Basic subscribers receive access to ~40 lectures, while premium subscribers receive unlimited access to all lectures on the Academy (70+ lectures). Both subscriptions receive FREE access to all Mysportscience Academy live webinars. The Basic subscription is paid monthly, while the Premium subscription can be paid monthly or annually, with the Premium annual subscription saving you £30 compared to Premium monthly!

Join the like minded

We would love to see you join our community of passionate sports nutrition practitioners. Our community also includes many coaches and athletes, medics, physios, S&C coaches, students, teachers and researchers. There is something for everyone to learn and learning is a process that doesn't have an end date. It is continuous and fun!