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Working as an elite sports scientist

In this course, Dr David Martin discusses how a practitioner can contribute to an athlete's performance. If you want magic... hire a magician?

You will learn about:
  How a practitioner can contribute to an athlete's performance
  What impact can be expected
  How the impact can be measured
  What does it take to be successful in sports nutrition?
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Dr David Martin

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40 mins

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Dr David Martin

Dr. David T. Martin has accumulated 35 years of experience working with Olympic and Professional Athletes and is widely recognized as an innovator in high performance sport. Dr. Martin is also an accomplished applied sport scientist with more than 110 peer reviewed publications investigating topics such as talent identification, demands of competition, fatigue management, competition analysis, altitude training, and thermoregulation. Additionally, Dr. Martin has worked with numerous world-class coaches across different sports, including cycling, skiing and basketball. At the Australian Institute of Sport, Dr. Martin was a Senior Physiologist, a National Sport Science Coordinator for Cycling, a project leader for Cycling and Skeleton Talent Identification Projects, and a Director of Performance for the AIS Combat Center, an initiative designed to raise international competitiveness in four Australian Olympic combat sports.

While Dr. Martin was the National Sport Science Coordinator for Cycling Australia the Olympic athletes won eight Gold, eight Silver and 12 Bronze medals. Dr. Martin has also worked with Australian World Record holders, World Champions and Australia’s only winner of the Tour de France and presents findings from his research at international scientific meetings. Dr. Martin recently worked in the NBA where he served as the Director for Performance Research and Development for the Philadelphia 76ers (2015-2019) and is currently a Professor at the Australia Catholic University as well as the Chief Scientist for Apeiron Life, a Bay Area Performance Health Science start-up company.
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