Myths in sports nutrition

Why do we have so many half truths and myths in sports nutrition? How do we recognise what is good information and bad information? What is the evidence that supports or does not support some of the most persistent myths?

You will learn about:
ow to recognise pseudoscience
  The dangers of correlations
  How can you explain that many things just work? Even though the science may not back it up?
  Myth: avoid carbs in the hour before exercise
  Myth: ketogenic diet and performance
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Asker Jeukendrup

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40 mins

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Professor Asker Jeukendrup

Professor Asker Jeukendrup is one of the world’s leading sports nutritionists and exercise physiologist who spent most of his career as a professor at the University of Birmingham (UK) as Head of The Human Performance Laboratory. Currently he is a (visiting) professor at Loughborough University. He has authored 9 books and over 250 research papers and book chapters. During his career Asker has worked at the forefront of research as well as directly with athletes, including Olympic and World champions, Tour de France cyclists and Champions league football teams.

After many years of working at Universities, Asker accepted a position as the Global Senior Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. At present he is the director of his own performance consulting business “Mysportscience”, and worked or works with a number of football clubs (including FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Red Bull Leipzig, Red Bull Salzbuyrg and PSV eindhove). He is head of performance nutrition of the Jumbo Visma pro cycling team and the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center, and Performance Manager of Nutrition for the Dutch Olympic team.
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