Nutrition and head impact injuries in sport

Craig Moore discusses the role of nutrition for treating and minimising the impact of concussion in sport

You will learn about:

 What nutrients have been studies in relation to concussion

 What is the possible role of creatine? Do omega 3 fatty acids have a role to play? 
 What recommendations should we give based on the evidence?

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Dr. Craig Moore

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60 mins

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Craig Moore

Craig Moore is currently a performance nutritionist for Red Bull, working in the Athletics Performance Centre, Los Angeles. Having obtained a BSc and MSc in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Craig worked as a dietician in Athletics with the University of Utah. Craig then spent 4 years working as the head dietician for American Football at the University of Utah. 

Craig is interested in the implications of head injuries in sport and the potential of nutrition to counter the adverse effects of these injuries. Craig has extensive experience working with athletes in contact sports, and is an expert in monitoring the impact of head injuries. 
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