Nutrition during a 
Grand Tour 

(with Jumbo Visma, Bahrain Victorious, 
and EF Education-Easypost) 

In this webinar series recording with Neversecond, Bill Armstrong from Neversecond and Asker Jeukendrup discuss  fuelling strategies with members of Jumbo Visma, Bahrain Victorious, and EF Education-Easypost live from the Tour de France or the Vuelta.

You will learn about:
  Planning and preparation for a Grand Tour 
  Winning recipes employed by Jumbo Visma
  Execution during the race  
 How a team works at a Grand Tour
 Inside the kitchen truck of a World Tour team
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Asker Jeukendrup

Number of videos


Video time

125 mins



Meet the speakers

Asker Jeukendrup

Professor Asker Jeukendrup is one of the world’s leading sports nutritionists and exercise physiologists. At present, Asker  is head of performance nutrition of the Jumbo Visma pro cycling team.

Karin Lambrechtse

Karin was a former professional dancer, and is now the Performance Chef and FoodCoach Coordinator for Jumbo-Visma. She is also the author of the sports cookbook “SPORTables”. 

Martijn Redegeld

Martijn is currently the Performance Nutritionist for Jumbo Visma, responsible for planning and execution of nutrition strategies at all major races. 

Marcel Hesseling

Marcel is currently the High Performance Nutritionist at Bahrain Victorious.