Nutrition timing

Prof James Betts and Prof Javier Gonzalez discuss the importance of nutrition timing for health and performance.

You will learn about:
  The effects of meal patterns and circadian rhythms
  The science behind intermittent fasting  
  The interaction between nutrition timing and exercise
 The effect of prolonged fasting on body composition

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Prof James Betts and Prof Javier Gonzalez

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60 mins

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Professor James Betts

James Betts is Professor of Metabolic Physiology at the University of Bath, where he is Co-Director of the Centre for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism. Before joining the University of Bath in 2005, he completed his PhD aged 24 at Loughborough University under the supervision of Professor Clyde Williams. His research takes an integrative approach to the study of human metabolic regulation, thus translating basic molecular mechanisms through to applied whole-body physiology. In particular, James’ work uses randomised controlled trials to test the effects of nutritional interventions on human performance and health outcomes. In recent years his research group has focused on understanding nutrient timing, with experiments involving prolonged fasting, sequential meal tests, nocturnal feeding and circadian biology. James has published over 100 scholarly articles in these areas, was the recipient of the 2015 Cuthbertson Medal for excellence in clinical nutrition research, and since 2019 has been Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism. 
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Professor Javier Gonzalez

Javier Gonzalez works in the Department for Health at the University of Bath. Javier has worked at the University of Bath since 2014 and is currently a Professor of Human Physiology. His extensive research background involves using techniques such as indirect calorimetry, tissue biopsies, and stable isotope infusion to study human fuel use. Javier’s current research aims to further our understanding of how we get fuel from our diet, and how we burn fuels during exercise to improve human health and performance. Javier is also a consultant to sports teams and industry (e.g., having worked as the Lead Performance Nutritionist at INEOS Grenadiers cycling team).
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