Nutrition to support endurance training

In this lecture, David Bishop discusses the utilisation of nutrition and supplements to enhance endurance training adaptations.

You will learn about:

 Energy and whole-foods to support endurance adaptations  Protein and carbohydrate supplements for endurance training
 NAD+, antioxidants, and sodium bicarbonate supplements

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Prof. David Bishop

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Video time

40 mins

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David Bishop

Professor David Bishop is a world leader in muscle exercise physiology with more 250 publications. The focus of his research group is to examine how diet, exercise, and genes interact to regulate skeletal muscle adaptations, and to translate this new knowledge into recommendations for more individualised exercise prescriptions to better improve health and human performance. David has also been invited to the Senate Inquiry into the practice of Sports Science and was a consultant to the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports. He is currently a director of the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). 
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