Protein nutrition for the ageing athlete

In this course, Leigh Breen will discuss the role of protein nutrition for muscle recovery and adaptive remodelling, with a specific application to the ageing athlete.

You will learn about:
  The dietary protein requirements for the general population 
  Evidence to suggest protein requirements may be greater for active individuals
  The deterioration of physiological processes with advancing age
  Recommendations for dietary protein intake for the ageing athlete
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Dr. Leigh Breen explains what you will learn from the lecture


Dr. Leigh Breen

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30 minute

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Dr Leigh Breen

Leigh completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham, under the supervision of Profs Kevin Tipton and Asker Jeukendrup. His PhD was spent investigating the influence of protein nutrition and exercise on muscle protein metabolism, specifically the role of protein in the adaptive response to endurance exercise. After his PhD, Leigh undertook a post-doc position at McMaster University with Prof Stu Phillips. Here, Leigh published several important studies on the effect of inactivity on skeletal muscle deterioration in older adults.

Leigh is currently a Professor in metabolic and molecular physiology at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. His research group are interested in the effect of protein nutrition, specifically protein quality, on skeletal muscle health and remodelling in response to various stimuli, such as resistance exercise and inactivity.

We are very fortunate to have Leigh share is knowledge and expertise on the role of protein nutrition for the ageing athlete, and we hope you learn a lot from this lecture!
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