Speed updates

Presenters have 5 min to update on a specific topic, using only 20 slides. There are 8x 5 min speed updates included. A quick way to get up to speed...

Topics covered include:
  Sleep protein
  Protein and weight loss
  The future of sports nutrition
  Caffeine and performance
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Number of lectures

8x 5 min speed updates

Video time

1 hour





These lectures are from the Leaders in Performance Conference (LPC) 2019 run by Team NL. Speakers include world leading scientists including Jorn Trommelen, Romain Meeusen, Peter Res, James Betts, Stuart Phillips, Andy Jones, John Hawley and Asker Jeukendrup.

The conference was aimed at practitioners who work in the field of sport (including elite sport) and in particular those with an interest in sports nutrition.
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