Tart cherries: performance, recovery and adaptation

In this lecture, Jo Bowtell discusses the bioactive characteristics and properties of tart cherries, and outlines the possible effects on athletic performance, recovery and adaptation. 

You will learn about:

 The key bioactive components of tart cherry The possible benefits to sports performance and recovery Considerations of the possible drawbacks of tart cherry use

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Prof. Jo Bowtell

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35 mins

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Jo Bowtell

Professor Jo Bowtell completed her PhD examining the effects of nutrition and exercise on protein turnover at Dundee University in 1996. She subsequently spent 3 years lecturing and researching at Loughborough University and 12 years at London South Bank University, where she led sports science research and enterprise activity. She has been at Exeter University since September 2011, where she is now Associate Dean for Global.

Her main research interest is in exercise and nutrient-induced changes in human physiology and metabolism, and the application of this knowledge to both optimise athlete performance and to support healthy ageing.
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