In this webinar we discuss the science of ultra-running. We take an evidence based approach to nutrition in this sport that is growing rapidly. However, the science is limited in places and we turn to the practical considerations and applications by filling in the gaps. How do we translate the findings of various studies into a successful plan for race day? What are some of the considerations that are highly specific to ultra-running? When do we start to prepare? What are the best products and how are self supporting races different?

Drs Nick Tiller and Emily Russell join us in this webinar to share their opinion as a scientists and practitioner but certainly also as experience ultra-runners. Dr Asker Jeukendrup discusses some of the science and some of the gaps in our science. 
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In this webinar, Asker Jeukendrup Nick Tiller and Emily Russell discuss the science and the practical side of nutrition for ultra-running

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Ultra-running is a sport that is growing rapidly. There are more events, and more athletes are participating in ultra-running. Ultra-running is also a sport that requires appropriate fuelling and hydration strategies for performance, but also for event completion without any detrimental effects. But what is the evidence for different sports nutrition strategies during ultra-running? Are there specific carbohydrate and hydration recommendations? And what about electrolytes? Watch this webinar for an evidence-based overview of nutrition strategies for ultra-running. Discussing the science, and outlining where more research is needed.
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Dr Nick Tiller

Dr Nick Tiller is a senior researcher in exercise physiology & respiratory medicine at Harbor-UCLA, and author of The Skeptic’s Guide to Sports Science which was named one of Book Authority’s “Best Sports Science Books of All Time.” For over a decade, Tiller has been scrutinizing the health and fitness industry through the critical lens of scientific skepticism, a subject he explores as a regular guest on podcasts, radio, and television. Tilleris a columnist at Skeptical Inquirer, a columnist at Ultra-Running Magazine, and associate editor at the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Nick is also a keen marathon and ultramarathon runner.
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Emily Russell

Emily is a freelance Performance Dietitian and a contracting Clinical Dietitian for the NHS, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition Science from the University of Chester. She has a wealth of experience within both sport and clinical settings, and previously worked for Japan Cycling National Team for endurance track cyclists. Emily has a passionate interest in endurance sports and the major role that nutrition plays in achieving success in endurance events. Whilst endurance sports are a particular interest for Emily, she supports a range of athletes, from amateur to professional, across a variety of sports through translating the science of nutrition into practical dietary advice.

As well as her interest in working with endurance athletes, Emily also enjoys pushing the boundaries of her own physical capabilities in endurance sports, in particular ultra-marathon running. Emily was the female winner of a UK based 100km ultra-marathon event in 2022 and placed 4th across the male and female field. Having personal experience of the physical and mental demands of sporting events, Emily is well placed to relate to the athletes journey.
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Dr Asker Jeukendrup

Professor Asker Jeukendrup is one of the world’s leading sports nutritionists and exercise physiologist who spent most of his career as a professor at the University of Birmingham (UK) as Head of The Human Performance Laboratory. Currently he is a (visiting) professor at Loughborough University. He has authored 9 books and over 250 research papers and book chapters. During his career Asker has worked at the forefront of research as well as directly with athletes, including Olympic and World champions, Tour de France cyclists and Champions league football teams.

After many years of working at Universities, Asker accepted a position as the Global Senior Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. At present he is the director of his own performance consulting business “Mysportscience”, and worked or works with a number of football clubs (including FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Red Bull Leipzig, Red Bull Saltzburg and PSV Eindhoven). He is head of performance nutrition of the Jumbo Visma pro cycling team and the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center, and Performance Manager of Nutrition for the Dutch Olympic team.
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