First WE Nutrition Conference

In this course, world leading experts discuss exciting sports nutrition topics during the largest online sports nutrition conference.

You will learn about:
  The science and non-science in sports nutrition 
  5 rules to gain muscle mass
  Muscle building across the lifespan
  Training periodisation in endurance sports
  Periodisation of nutrition in endurance sports
  High fat diets for endurance performance
  5 rules to sleep
  Weight management in athletes
  Optimising glycogen loading
  Dietary nitrate and exercise performance
  Race nutrition planning
  Plant based diets
  Nutrition for injuries
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Various leaders in the field

Number of lectures


Video time

6.5 hours

Key readings



13 mini tests
1 exam


WE Nutrition Conference

WE make world class sports nutrition knowledge available for everyone around the world. Top speakers from all continents discuss the latest in sports nutrition science in an online virtual conference, helping you to learn from the best.

The first WE Nutrition Conference includes talks from top leaders in the field, including Keith Baar, Asker Jeukendrup, Trent Stellingwerff, Louise Burke and Anni Vanhatalo.
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