What's new in hydration?

In this live webinar, Drs Lewis James and Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez will discuss the latest science on hydration for athletic performance. In a three-part webinar, the speakers will provide an update on the “does dehydration affect performance?” debate, discuss hydration recommendations for female athletes, and outline the latest scientific progress in sweat testing.

This webinar is aimed at athletes, coaches, and practitioners, as well as students and researchers looking to advance their knowledge. The speakers will discuss: what is the role of hydration in athletic performance? Are hydration recommendations different for males and females? Do we need to carry out sweat testing? And more! Access the live webinar and recording.

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What's included?

Live webinar with mysportscience academy 

Live webinar

Live webinar on Tuesday 21st November at 16:00 CET

Expert speakers

Drs Lewis James and Nidia Rodrigues-Sanchez will share their expertise in hydration, translating the science into practical advice

Access the recordings after

The lecture + bonus resources such as further reading material will be available to watch after the webinar.

Q&A session

There will be opportunities to ask your questions in the Q&A session after the talk.

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My first and will not be my last live webinar to attend... Spectacular as always prof. Asker Thank you!


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Dr Lewis James

Lewis obtained a BSc in Food Science with Nutrition from the University of Reading, followed by an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University. He stayed at Loughborough to complete a PhD focussing on human water balance. Lewis became a Lecturer in Nutrition in 2012 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2016. Lewis is currently the Physiology and Nutrition Group Lead, Deputy Lead for the Sports Performance Research Theme, and also leads modules on the School’s undergraduate (Sport Nutrition) and postgraduate (Applied Nutrition) programmes. He is a keen sportsman, with a particular interested in cycling and combat sports, particularly mixed martial arts and boxing.

Lewis is broadly interested in how nutrition and exercise interact to influence human performance and health, using a variety of physiological, metabolic, and behavioural methods to study questions in an integrative manner. Much of Lewis’s work focusses on the role of water, salt and carbohydrate in exercise performance/recovery and health, with other work focussing on nutrition for performance in and adaptation to heat, and how nutrition can be used to modulate appetite and energy balance for weight management.
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Dr Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez

Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez is a Mexican Sports Dietitian. She completed her degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and then continued her journey by completing the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, which ignited her passion for optimising athlete nutrition. Nidia gained valuable experience as a Nutrition Advisor in Mexico at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute Mexico (GSSI). She also had the privilege of working with the academy teams at Club Cruz Azul, A.C. in Mexico City, where she contributed to the development of young athletes.Currently, Nidia is sharing her expertise as a lecturer in physiology and nutrition at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Her role involves educating the next generation of sports scientists, and she is also the Programme Director of the MSc in Sports Nutrition. 

Nidia's research portfolio is diverse, covering topics such as hydration, body composition, nutrition, and metabolism in athletes and the general population. Her curiosity extends to individuals of all ages, and she is dedicated to advancing our understanding of human physiology in various contexts, including sport environments. Nidia is particularly interested in the physiology and metabolism of female athletes and actively participates in research projects to promote healthy ageing.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I watch the live webinar?  

There are two ways to watch the live webinar: 1). Purchase the webinar, or 2). Subscribe to mysportscience academy premium or basic. 

Can I access the recordings after?

All lectures will be uploaded to this page for you to watch after the live webinar. 

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

There will be 20-30 minutes to ask the speakers questions after the talks. 

How do I join the webinar live? 

After registering or subscribing, you will be sent an access link via email 24 hours before the webinar starts (check you junk/spam box). An access link will also be posted on this webinar page.

Will there be handouts available afterwards?   

There will be a host of learning material provided after the webinar. These include a lecture recording, transcript, speaker notes, MCQs, wider reading, and handouts (if shared by the speaker).