Learn how to read a scientific paper

Reading a scientific paper can be difficult. In this free e-Book we provide a guide to assess the quality of a paper and help you understand complex science.
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Written by Professor Asker Jeukendrup

A world leading sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist. 
Author of 9 books and over 250 research papers and book chapters. 
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Free e-Book: How to read a scientific paper

This e-Book will teach you how to...

Read critically

We outline the process of active reading, which involves interaction with the content, and asking yourself questions throughout to gain a deeper understanding. 

Learn efficiently

Rather than starting reading at the top and making your way through the paper, we provide a series of actions to help you make an initial assessment of the study quality. 

Understand the methods

The methods section of a study can be complex. In this e-Book, we outline a series of questions to aid your understanding of how a study was conducted, and what a 'gold-standard' method would be. 

Interpret the findings

We discuss how data can be presented to emphasize a difference between conditions and detail how a single study often represents only one piece of a very large jigsaw. 
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