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Professor Asker Jeukendrup explains what Mysportscience Academy is all about

Sports nutrition courses and lectures...

What does mysportscience academy offer?

World-leading experts as speakers

All our courses are delivered by the world's leading experts in sports nutrition. We approach the leading experts  to share their knowledge and experience, helping you stay up-to-date with the latest science.

Live webinars on hot topics in sports nutrition

We host live webinars every 1-2 months. In our live webinars, we hear from world-leading experts in sports nutrition and you have the opportunity to ask all your questions live. You also get access to recordings, handouts and more!

Register one-off or subscribe

You can access many of our courses and lectures as a one-off. There is also the option to subscribe to the academy, giving you access to all basic or premium content! Subscribers also get FREE access to our live webinars.

Further reading material and summary notes

In addition to the course and webinars, mysportsciene academy also provides further reading, summary notes, MCQs and more to help you enhance your learning.

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Fat burners
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We will continue to build the number of lectures and courses. Many of these courses are delivered by world leading experts in sports nutrition, scientists that have published hundreds of papers, so you can learn from the best!

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