Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport:
a critical look

In this course, José Areta will provide a critical look into the Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport model.

You will learn about:
  What RED-S, The Triad and Low Energy Availability are
  The endocrine and physiological effects of low energy availability
  The relevance of low energy availability to performance
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Dr José Areta

Number of lectures


Video time

40 mins




Dr José Areta

José L Areta currently works as a lecturer in Sports Nutrition and Metabolism at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at LJMU. His work has provided novel insights in relation to the amount, timing, quantity and distribution of carbohydrates, fat and protein and dietary supplements around training. Originally trained as a Biologist (with a minor in Zoology) at the National University of La Plata in Argentina, he specialised in exercise physiology and nutrition during his PhD at RMIT University in Australia working with world-leaders in his field. As part of his PhD he led human research trials at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport and established links with researchers of different Universities and institutes in Australia. Following his PhD he undertook post-doctoral training at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, a world-leading institute in sport and exercise sciences.

Jose is also a lifelong athlete, in parallel with his academic work José not only has competed in different sports (predominantly endurance-based), in some cases at National-level, but also works closely with top endurance athletes and teams to optimise their training and nutrition for performance.
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